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Welcome to Richmond Little League - Richmond, VA
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2021 RLL Return to Play and Best Practices
RLL wanted to provide our 2021 COVID-19 Return to Play Best Policies...
2021 Spring Registration
Spring Registration for Richmond Little League (RLL) is now open....
Little League Bat Policy
Baseball Bats - Rule 1.10 The bat must be a baseball bat which...
2021 RLL Return to Play and Best Practices

RLL wanted to provide our 2021 COVID-19 Return to Play Best Policies and Practices so please read the document to familiarize yourself with the changes. We worked with The City of Richmond Parks & Recreation Department to come up with these protocols. If you have any questions on the COVID-19 policy please reach out to Jay Kuemmerle (see Jay's email address below) who is the Richmond Little League Safety Officer.


Richmond Little League Board


RLL_Return_to_Play_Policies_and_Best_Practices_2021 (rev. 3-22-21)


League Notification and Action Plan for a Positive Covid-19 Test

The City of Richmond Parks and Recreation Department has provided RLL guidance on recommended steps to deal with a positive Covid-19 test in our League. Under that guidance, RLL has developed the following action plan. 

  1. Require RLL Members to notify the RLL Safety Officer if any player, volunteer, umpire, coach or any “same household” family member of any of those RLL participants tests positive.
  2. If a player, volunteer, umpire, coach or any of their “same household” family members test positive that player, volunteer, umpire or coach is out of play and can only return with a letter from a physician stating they are safe to return to play.  A doctor’s return to play authorization must be submitted to RLL’s safety officer via email prior to return to play at:  
  3. If a player, volunteer or coach on a team does test positive, the affected team or teams will have all activities “paused” and the league will notify Richmond City Parks & Recreation, who is our liaison on matters related to Covid-19 cases.
  4. Richmond City Parks will notify Richmond City Health Authorities to conduct contact tracing and to inform Richmond Little League of appropriate action plans and next steps including decisions to allow for the safe and appropriate return to practice/play for affected the team (s). 
  5. Richmond Little League will concurrently notify families on the affected team (s) and families in the relevant division with non-confidential information of the incident. The league will follow-up with a league wide communication as well.
  6. Any team with a player, coach or volunteer that has a positive Covid-19 test will be paused for both practice and play until the findings and recommendations of Richmond City Contact tracing are complete.
  7. If an umpire tests positive, any affected team (s) will be “paused” for contact tracing until the findings and recommendations of Richmond City Contact tracing are complete.

by RLL Board posted 03/22/2021
2021 Spring Registration

Spring Registration for Richmond Little League (RLL) is now open. Once again, RLL is offering a wide variety of divisions and levels of which to choose. Whether you have a 15 or 16 year old boy who wants to play baseball in the late spring, or a 5 year old girl who'd like to give team sports a try for the first time, RLL has something for you this fall. RLL is for boys and girls, ages 5 (and some 4) to 16, who reside within the boundaries of RLL or attend classes at a school that is physically located within RLL’s boundaries.  Click on RLL Eligibility link for further information.

Baseball divisions planned for 2021 are Seniors (15/16s), Juniors (13/14s), Intermediate 50/70 (11/12s and some 13s), Minors (9/10s), Machine Pitch (7/8s), and Tee Ball (4/5/6s).

Softball disvisions planned for 2021 are Majors (11/12s), Minors (9/10s), Coach Pitch (7/8s), and Tee Ball (4/5/6s).

The registration page is open for business, please click here to head over and sign your player(s) up! 

From the Hot Dog Man to dusk at Byrd...from that first game at JBC or Maymont as a Machine Pitch Player to that first practice as a t-baller, there's something magical about the spring and Richmond Little League.  We look forward to another sensational year of softball and baseball where you create lifelong memories and make lifelong friends. 

If you have any questions about your player, their division or how to sign up, don't hesitate to email the registrar,

Registration Deadlines                                        
Registration deadline for Intermediate 50/70 (11, 12, and some 13 year-olds), Minors is March 5.

Registration deadline for Machine Pitch is March 20. 

Registration deadline for Softball teams is March 15.

Registration closes for Tee Ball (5 and 6 year-olds) on March 20

Registration deadline for Juniors (13 and 14 year-olds) and Seniors (15 and 16 year-olds) is April 1

by RLL posted 01/03/2021
Little League Bat Policy

Baseball Bats - Rule 1.10

The bat must be a baseball bat which meets the USA Baseball Bat standard (USABat) as adopted by Little League. It shall be a smooth, rounded stick, and made of wood or of material and color tested and proved acceptable to the USA Baseball Bat standard (USABat).

Beginning with the 2018 season, non-wood and laminated bats used in the Little League (Majors) and below, Intermediate (50-70) Division, Junior League divisions, and Challenger division shall bear the USA Baseball logo signifying that the bat meets the USABat – USA Baseball’s Youth Bat Performance Standard. All BPF – 1.15 bats will be prohibited beginning with the 2018 season. Additionally, starting in 2018, the bat diameter shall not exceed 2⅝ inches for these divisions of play. Bats meeting the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) standard may also be used in the Intermediate (50-70) Division and Junior League divisions.

With the implementation of the new USA Baseball Bat Standard in 2018, Little League® International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. The landing page, found at LittleLeague.org/BatInfo, includes the latest bat information, current Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.

USA Baseball Bat Standard: Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball Division Bats:


Minors / Machine Pitch:  USA Baseball marking, 2 5/8” barrel maximum


Intermediate (50/70) / Juniors:  USA Baseball marking, 2 5/8” barrel maximum or BBCOR

Seniors:  ALL bats must be BBCOR


Softball Bats - Rule 1.10

The bat must be a softball bat which meets Little League specifications and standards as noted in this rule. It shall be a smooth, rounded stick and made of wood or a material tested and proved acceptable to Little League standards. The bat shall be no more than 33 inches (34 inches for Junior/Senior League) in length, not more than two and one-quarter (2¼) inches in diameter, and if wood, not less than fifteen-sixteenth (15/16) inches in diameter (7/8 inch for bats less than 30 inches) at its smallest part. Non-wood bats shall be printed with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.20. Bats may be taped or fitted with a sleeve for a distance not exceeding 16 inches from the small end. Colored bats are acceptable. A non-wood bat must have a grip of cork, tape or composition material, and must extend a minimum of 10 inches from the small end. Slippery tape or similar material is prohibited.

posted 01/01/2019
Field Status
Byrd North - Richmond OPEN (4/12) 
Byrd North Batting Cages - Richmond OPEN (4/12) 
Byrd South - Richmond OPEN (4/12) 
Byrd South Batting Cage - Richmond OPEN (4/12) 
Byrd Tee Ball - Richmond TBD (4/12) 
J. B. Cary Elem. - Richmond OPEN (4/12) 
Maymont Field - Richmond OPEN (4/12) 
Maymont Tee Ball - Richmond TBD (4/12) 
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