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by posted 06/27/2020

Dear Redsox,


We have been waiting three long months to send this email but the RLL Board and Coaches are excited to take a step closer to playing ball this summer.  


This past week, you should've received a lengthy email from the league with a document attached that outlined our "RLL Return to Play" guidelines.  


We also laid out the three categories that we are asking all of our Spring 2020 players to choose from when it comes to their decision to play this summer.  


Here they are...


Category 1-- We are in for the season! Keep us posted on what is next. 


Category 2--We are going to sit out this season, however, we would like our registration to become a taxable donation to Richmond Little League. 

Allow us a quick note about this category--each season, part of the registration fee goes to capital projects. This season, we were able to replace a significant amount of chain link fences around a few of our fields as well as purchase a tractor trailer for field maintenance. We also made improvements to our batting cages and installed two new soft toss cages in the off season.  Our members will get the benefit of these improvements for years to come. 


Category 3--We are going to sit out this season and would like our money refunded in full. 


If you could please email Scott and I by Monday morning your answer, that would be greatly appreciated as it will allow us to quickly move forward with getting back on the fields. 


If you have any questions whatsoever on the Return to Play Guidelines...please don't hesitate to contact Major's commissioner, Lynnie Brugh (lbrugh@williamsmullen.com) and he will be more than happy to walk you through what baseball this summer will look like. 


Finally, and I know this was mentioned this in the league email, but it bears repeating. we were very excited to draft your child back in February.  In a perfect world, the teams will stay basically the same and he stays on our team for the summer.  That said, as we have kids decide not to come back, we may have to rearrange the teams and your player may end up on a different squad.  We ask that you work with us on this with the understanding that the league is doing the best it can to make sure that our commitment to parity in the league extends to the summer. 


I look forward to hearing back from you soon...please don't hesitate to get back with us with any questions. 



Scott & Carey

Scott Coleman (coleman.crossroads@gmail.com)

Carey Bliley (cbliley@blileys.com)

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by posted 06/27/2020

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