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Opening Day - RLL Lifetime Players

2016 RLL Lifetime Players were recognized by US Senator Tim Kaine and Richmond City Council Member Jon Baliles as part of Opening Day festivities. Lifetime players received RLL pins recognized for playing at RLL every year from Tee Ball through Majors 50/70. As part of the ceremony, RLL teams were introduced. Senator Kaine threw out the first pitch.

Lifetime Players: Coley Alvis, Chase Bayler, Henry Berling, Jamie Boyd, William Bullock, Tony Caramucci, Brayden Coleman, Wil Davis, Bo Dortch, Zachary Edwards, Corey Gutenberger, Brent Hailes, David Johnson, Mason King, Gordon McGrath, Cabell Meadows, Ethan Mitchell, Mac Mueller, Wyatt Nyfeler, Aaron O’Neal, Cole Pollard, Carson Rogers, Ben Shepard, George Smith, Stamate Theofanos, Benjamin Salp, Will Tunner


Majors 50/70 Champions - Orioles
Players: Kylee Battle, Chase Bayler, Darryl Cheatham, Wil Davis, Cole Didato, Zach Edwards, Ben Mills, Aaron O'Neal, Will Pace, Will Polaski, Ryan Porter, Will Porter
Manager Mason Bayler Coaches: Lynnie Brugh, Wilson Davis, Ben Pace, John Mills, Lawrence Brugh

Minors Champions - Nationals
Players: Joseph Connor, Davis Elliott, Graham Elliott, Rett Faulkner, Henry Knighton, Sven Komorowski, Sandy Kuhn, Ned Lumpkin, Jack Nelson, Casey Porter,Justin Reid, William Rosen
Manager: Tim Knighton, Coach: Joe Conner
Machine Pitch Champions - Cubs
Players: Watson Andrews, Jack Bayler, Grayson Buelow, Graeme Cox, Lawson Knier, Benjamin Schick, James Shewmake, Scott Siewers, Leo Sirpis, William Sterling, Baker Whisnand, Claude Whitehead III
Manager: Claude Whitehead, Coaches: Charles Bayler, Dwight Buelow