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Opening Day - RLL Lifetime Players

2018 RLL Lifetime Players were recognized by Marty Conn and Scott Coleman as part of Opening Day festivities. Lifetime players received RLL pins recognized for playing at RLL every year from Tee Ball through Majors 50/70. First pitch was thrown out by Goerge Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. Ceremony included RLL's own presidents race.

Lifetime Players: Jackson Baese, Travis Baker, Jackson Banning, Owen Bishop, Ben Brackett, Jack Anderson Demm, Brendan Engel, Avi Greene, Luke Hilbert, Ryan Holdych, Sandy Kuhn, August Lange, Malik Lawson, Ned Lumpkin, Patrick Mayer, Henry O’Ferral, Mason Quigley, Will Rosen, Dave Valentine, George Dewey White, Pritchard Whitley



Majors 50/70 Champions - Red Sox



Minors AAA Champions - Rockies


Minors AA Champions - Nationals


Machine Pitch 8 Champions - A's


Machine Pitch 7 Champions - Dodgers




District 5 Intermediate 50/70 Champions

Players: Joe Bell, Joseph Conner, Jack Anderson Demm, Jim Douthat, Wally Jones, Henry Knighton, Rawlings Leachman, Bryce Neely, Logan Parrish, Rowland Thornberry, Dave Valentine, George Dewey White

Coaches: Tim Knighton, Steve Demm, Ed White