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Mission/Philosophy/Code of Conduct:


Athletes/kids first.  Every decision we make should be in the best interests of the player.  Richmond Little League’s (“RLL”) goal is to help develop young people physically, psychologically and socially.  We should all teach/have respect for the rules, opponents, officials, teammates and one’s self.  We should help coaches, players and parents redefine what it means to be a “Winner” in terms of effort, learning, and bouncing back from mistakes.  Winners make maximum effort, continue learning and improving and don’t let mistakes (or fear of mistakes) stop them.  Coaches set the tone.  We play to have fun and learn the sport of baseball.  Win or lose we are good sports.  A Coach’s attitude, behavior and non-verbal messages affect the kids and the parents.  There is no tolerance regarding argumentative behavior towards anyone especially the umpires.  No exceptions - coaches, parents and players.  Questioning a rule is fine, however arguing a judgment call is unacceptable.  Any violation will be reviewed and ruled upon by the Baseball Rules Committee.