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2020 Safety Plan

Richmond LL Safety Plan 2020.docx


Field Safety


1.  All pre-game warm-ups will be conducted behind the outfield fences.  No throwing between the fields or in the batting cage area.
2.  Warm-up throwing on the fields in the outfields only.  Players should not be sent to the game fields prior to games without a coach or parent supervising them.
3.   Pitchers should warm-up in the bullpens, under the supervision of a coach.  Catchers in the bullpen are required to wear a catchers mask.  The bullpens are only for use of players under the supervision of coaches.  Other children are not permitted to play in the bullpen area.
4.   There is no throwing allowed in the dugout area unless a coach has allowed a player to warm-up for pitching purposes. A coach should monitor the warm-up throws the entire time. If a player is warming up a pitcher, the player must wear a mask.
5.  Only the on-deck batter (or anyone else authorized by a coach) should be out of the dugout during a game. All other players should be sitting in the dugout.
6.   Only players batting may swing a bat - no exceptions.  This includes batting practice, soft toss, games under the direct supervision of a coach or parent.  On deck batter may hold bat, but can not practice swing.
7.    No player or child should chase foul balls across
Sheppard St.

Background Checks

Little League programs nationwide are required to annually conduct a background check of Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors Members, Umpires, and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams. The Little League Child Protection Program has been in place since 1997, and has sought to educate children and volunteers in ways to prevent child abusers from becoming involved in the local leagues. Any volunteer who refuses to participate in the program will be barred from involvement in the league. RICHMOND LITTLE LEAGUE is a chartered league of LITTLE LEAGUE, INC. and is required to comply with these rules. RLL appreciates your cooperation and support for this important safety program for our players.


If you have questions or concerns about the Background Check Program, contact, RLL Safety Officer, Buddy Garbett.


Lightning Policy

Once lightning is seen or thunder is heard, play is to be suspended. All players should be removed from the dugouts (or from the sidelines in the case of T-ball) with instructions to get into their cars or into a covered area such as the bathrooms. Games may not resume until 30 minutes has passed without ANY lightning or thunder.


RLL recognizes that we all want the games to be played, and we occasionally observe that thunder may be heard in the distance with no rain at the fields and the sun still shining. But the National Weather Service reports that lightning can strike 10 miles from a thunderstorm and it is imperative that we not take chances in this area. The safety of our players, parents, coaches and spectators is our top priority and adherence to this policy is component of this priority.