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 Majors Champions - Padres

Front Row - Jack Grover, Henry Stilwell, Davis Maio, Thompson Oney (all kneeling)
Back row - Jackson Taylor, Sam Turner, Walter Jones (coach), Conor Salter, Alex O'Connell, Dyke Jones (coach), Todd Oney (coach), Shawn Johnson, Kentwon Johnson

 Minors Champions - Dodgers

Row 1 - Whit Goode, John Bullock, Matthew Pinson, Michael Opstelten, Zachary Jacobs
Row 2 - Dean Chambers, Landon Spruill, Abbott Aiken, Thomas Dendy, Denbigh Strickland, Daniel Opstelten
Row 3 - Coach Billy King, Manager Boyd Bullock, Coach Marc Cheatham, Coach Andy Pinson



Congratulations to the 14-15 year old RLL team for winning the Central Chesterfield Tournament
The team became only the 3rd RLL all-star team to win a post-season tournament and the 1st team to win one above the 10 year old age bracket. Team photo and scores below.

First Row: Ian Daniel, James Brugh, Page Kemp, John Buoyer, Paul Wood
2nd Row: Manager Lynnie Brugh, Royce Woolfolk, Jack McDowell, Landon Kemp, Will Turner, Adam Richardson, Tyler Yeatts, Cherrod McCray, Coach Randy Daniel
14/15 Year Old CCLL Tournament Scores
Game 1: Richmond 13 Central Chesterfield 3
Game 2: Richmond 13 Tuckahoe 2
Game 3: Richmond 13 Chesterfield 5
Semifinals - Richmond 8 Tuckahoe 6
Championship - Richmond 7 Central Chesterfield 1

Congratulations to the 10 year old All-Star team for winning the Ashland Invitational Tournament.
The team had an exciting and hard fought win in the Championship game in extra innings to become only the 2nd RLL All-Star team to win a post-season tournament. Great job gang! Team picture and game scores below:


Row 1: Nicholas Woolfolk, Zachary Jacobs, Whit Goode, Zachary Smith, Henry Haas
Row 2: Benny Bencks, John Damgard, Jack Aprahamian, Willie Bemiss, John Bullock, Matthew Pinson
Row 3: Coach Michael Haas, Manager Andy Pinson, Coach Boyd Bullock

10's - Ashland Tournament Scores
Sat., July 18  Richmond 19 - Tuckahoe National 6
Sun., July 19  Richmond 13 - Atlee 8
Tues., July 21  Richmond 11 - Chesterfield 1
Thurs., July 23  Richmond 13 - Tuckahoe American 7
Fri., July 24 Semi-finals: Richmond 6 - Chesterfield 3
Sat., July 25 Championship: Richmond 9 - Huguenot 8 (7 innings)