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Registration is open for the Fall 2021 Season! Little League baseball has been played in this part of the city for over thirty years and each season brings plenty of opportunities to make memories and friends.

Please note that registration cannot be accomplished without payment of the registration fee. In previous seasons, that fee has been non-refundable. For the 2021 Fall season, due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, if you register and not play, we will work with you to refund a prorated amount of your registration fee. 

Your player must live within the boundaries of RLL, attend a qualified school (excludes pre-school) located within the boundaries, or already be playing on a residency waiver from a previous season to directly register on the website for Richmond Little League.  Click here to see if you are in our boundaries. If the player’s address is located in the boundary please use that address to register. If the school address qualifies your player (but the address of the residence is not in the boundary) please register using the address of the school. We will need to get a Little League School Enrollment Form on file if the player only qualifies based on school attendance and Robby Robinson can send that your way. That will only need to be completed once as long as your player does not change schools.    

Important Note—Richmond Little League is committed to helping families that want to play RLL but do not qualify because their player does not live or attend school within the boundary. We welcome the opportunity to help those families play at RLL and will make the waiver process as fast and seamless as possible for all families who are looking to play (some of which have no home little league to register.  If you live outside our boundaries and do not attend a qualified school within the boundaries,   with your request to play and we will quickly work with you on the process required by Little League.

Richmond Little League doesn't want the cost of playing baseball to hinder your child's participation. If your child would like to play, but you are experiencing financial hardship, please email   for a scholarship request.    

If you have any questions concerning registration or player eligibility, please contact Robby Robinson at   for those as well. 

Registration closes the Friday before Labor Day.